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MSA Mission

The Persatuan Ahli-Ahli Sains Malaysia, Malaysian Scientific Association (MSA) is the premier science and technology organisation in Malaysia.

The Association was established in 1955, dedicated to the promotion and advancement of Science and Technology (S&T) in Malaysia. MSA is recognised by the Malaysian Government Ministries charged with the development of S&T. Membership is opened to all qualified persons and scientists residing or working in Malaysia.

About Us

MSA Objectives:

To Promote

To promote the advancement of science and technology in Malaysia and disseminate scientific knowledge

To Stimulate

To stimulate and encourage the understanding and study of scientific and technological and socio-economic problems, in particular those of national interest

To Coordinate

To coordinate activities of professional scientific bodies, promote greater inter-disciplinary cooperation and encourage simultaneous development of the different scientific disciplines

To Represent

To represent scientific opinion in Malaysia and act as an independent professional body

To Maintain

To maintain liaison with scientists internationally and to cooperate in international scientific programmes

To Recognise

To recognise outstanding contributions to the advancement of science.

The registered office is located in the surburbs of Petaling Jaya city, just a short distance outside the capital city and centre of Kuala Lumpur. Access to the office is convenient with ample parking, and by rail and a short walk. Members may visit the office to meet or for fellowship, or to organise activities in line with the Objectives of the Association.