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Entrance Fee, Annual Subscriptions and Other Dues

The entrance fee and annual subscriptions payable shall be as follows:
Entrance Fees: RM30

  • Fellow: RM50
  • Associate Fellow: RM40
  • Ordinary Member: RM30
  • Student Member: RM10
  • Institutional Member: RM200

Annual subscription shall be payable to the Treasurer General in advance by 31 January.

Any member whose subscription is in arrears for three (3) years shall receive a written notification signed by or on behalf of the Secretary General, and shall be denied the privileges of membership until he/she settles his/her dues.

Any person who has allowed his/her membership to lapse through arrears, shall pay a re-entrance fee of RM 50 in addition to the current annual subscription.

About Us

Membership Class:


Fellows shall be persons who are eminent by reasons of their scientific attainments, their researches in science, or their contributions to the advancement, development and promotion of science and technology. Fellows of MSA may use the words FMSA after their names.

Associate Fellows

Associate Fellows shall be persons who, by their qualifications and experience, have contributed to the advancement, development and promotion of science and technology. Associate Fellows may use the words AFMSA after their names.

Ordinary Members

Ordinary membership shall normally be granted to science graduates or to holders of equivalent qualifications or to those having commensurate experience.

Life Members

Life membership shall be offered to all Fellows of the Association who have been in good standing for 10 continuous years. Such members shall be exempted from payment of any subscription.

Student Members

Student membership shall be granted by the Council to persons who are studying for science degree or equivalent qualification, or who are studying for those degrees under circumstances which the Council considers to be suitable for the granting of Student membership. Student members require permission in writing from the Vice Chancellor of the University or University College to join (as stipulated by regulations governing higher education).

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows shall be eminent persons who have rendered conspicuous service to the Association, or to the cause of science and technology, or whose election would be of significant benefit to the Association, or to the advancement, development and promotion of science and technology. Honorary Fellows shall pay no subscription, shall neither vote nor hold office, but shall receive such notices, reports and publications as the Council deems appropriate. Honorary Fellows of the Association may use the words FMSA (Honorary) after their names.

Institutional Members

Institutional membership shall be open to any organisation interested in the objectives of the Association and who wishes to contribute financially towards the Association. Institutional members are allowed to nominate two (2) members of their organisation to participate in the activities of the Association.

Submit the completed form online with your references. You may bank in your entrance and subscription fees based on below details:
Association bank details:
Bank Account Name: Persatuan Sains Malaysia
Bank Account No.: 301-027520-001
Bank Name: HSBC Bank Malaysia Berhad

Or send a cheque payable to “Persatuan Sains Malaysia” to our secretariat at:
Malaysian Scientific Association (MSA)
Room 2, 2nd Floor,
Bangunan Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah
PO BOX 48, 16 Jalan Utara
46700 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia