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Prof. Dr. Mansor Bin Ahmad

Prof. Dr. Mansor Bin Ahmad

Science and Technology have been instrumental in the development of nations since the dawn of industrial revolution. They have served as an important catalyst in the advancement of economy, education and infrastructure as well as in a wide range of fields such as health, agriculture and manufacturing, contributing immensely to the improvement of quality of life and modernity of society.

As the future of our nation rests on our youth, it is imperative we ensure that they continue to be motivated, encouraged, and facilitated in their quest for advancement in science and technology.

In this aspect, Malaysian Scientific Association (MSA), established in 1955, through organising various programmes in collaboration with related ministries and Science and Technology agencies, has been promoting Science and Technology among students at schools and institutions of higher learning as well as the public at large.

With a sizable pool of membership at various levels of professionalism and academic qualifications, MSA has also provided a platform for networking and knowledge and experience sharing, besides maintaining and co-operating with scientists internationally.

In addition, MSA contributes to the advancement of Science and Technology in Malaysia by recognising individuals who have made outstanding contribution in Science and Technology annually.

MSA welcomes all who share our vision and mission to join us, so that together we build a better Malaysia for our future generation!